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How to build a standing desk with hidden wireless phone charging
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Kevin Wilson
Tue, Jan 4, 2022 5:38 PM #1

I am a woodworker and often need to work on projects for hours, usually with a lot of tools on my table. When my phone runs out of battery, the tools take up a lot of space, and because of this I can't find a suitable place to charge it, which makes me very distressed. So, I decided to build a standing desk with wireless charging, which not only solves the need to charge my mobile devices, but also allows me to be comfortable while woodworking.You can watch the whole video on YTB.

Material List:

1.3*0.6m rubber wood / FlexiSpot Pro+ legs Wireless charger / Electric circular saw

Bakelite milling / Sanding machine / Tape measure / Cutter / Round gauge

Triangle ruler / Pencil / Oil-based pens / Black spray paint / Beeswax


1. Use the Tape measure, to measure 23.6 inch (0.6m wide rubberwood lumber and cut the wood into 51 inch(1.3m lengths with an electric circular saw.


2. Draw the outline of the wireless charging board on the back of the table, then dig an 0.4 inch(1.1cm deep groove with a Bakelite mill.


3. Use the carving knife(cutter) to shape the edge of the charging board groove, so that the edge is more rounded.


4. In the same position as the groove, but now on the front of the table, use a circle gauge to draw a circle with a diameter of 4.3inch(11cm), then use a triangular ruler to draw a lightning bolt icon of the same diameter in the middle, indicating that this area is the charging area.


5.Use the carving knife(cutter) to carve out the groove of the icon.


Tue, Jan 4, 2022 5:40 PM #2

6. Spray black paint on the icon to add color, then leave it to dry for 2 hours.


7.After the paint dries, the front and back of the table is sanded down with a sander to remove the excess black paint at the front icon.



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Tue, Jan 4, 2022 5:41 PM #3

8. Beeswax is then applied to the front and back of the table to give protection to the wood.



9. The back of the table is installed with FlexiSpot oval legs, the table can be adjusted and used for either sitting or standing.


10. The charging board is placed inside the space that has been dug out, then it should be secured.


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Tue, Jan 4, 2022 5:42 PM #4

11. Install the devices that control the raising and lowering of the table legs.


12. Insert the power cord of the wireless charging board into the USB port of the manual control.


13. The phone can now be charged wirelessly when placed on the charging area.


14. The finished product is now displayed, with adjusting table legs allowing the option of sitting or standing instead for a healthier option.


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