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Hey there!

Welcome! Let us introduce you to the FlexiSpot Community.

What is the FlexiSpot Community?

At the FlexiSpot Community, we're building the future together. This space is a community for all of us to develop, explore, and just have fun!

Here are our primary goals:

· We build and innovate the hottest new products for the future of work. It all starts here.

· We focus essentially on smart offices—sustainable and efficient workspaces for individuals and businesses.

· We create practical, down-to-earth solutions that meet established market demand.

· We develop revolutionary products that address unexplored needs and represent a new normal.

Content Categories:

News & Announcements: Get to know the latest on FlexiSpot brand events, products, and community.

Deals & Giveaways: Don't be left out with exclusive discounts and exciting events.

General & Product Discussion: Off-topic chat and general product conversations, just about anything under the sun.

Questions & Answers: Got questions? Shoot them here, and the community just might have the answers.

Tutorials: Share your experiences and skills here, and we could all learn a thing or two from each other.

Ideas & Suggestions: We love new ideas! Let us know how we can improve our products, services, and community.

FlexiTest Program:

The objective of this product testing program is to gain feedback from customers after they test the functions and features of a new FlexiSpot product that’s sent to them for free. It's also a way of giving back to them. Customers from all walks of life are welcome to join the program, do an evaluation and submit an honest, detailed review/feedback, and help us refine the new product tested.

Hey, glad you're still here!

Now that you've read this far, we'd like to welcome you to the FlexiSpot Community! Jump right in and start a new topic, share your opinions and ideas, or join a discussion that's already in progress. We can't wait to see what you bring to our community of tinkerers and dreamers!

The next step is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Update your profile photo.

2. Set up your email preference.

3. Submit your first post!!


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